Meet the green team:

There are several dedicated members involved in UFV's Students for Sustainability, together they make a great team!

Name: Michelle Sylvest

Year of Study:

Bachelor of Science (major in biology, unintended major in history)  

SFS Position:

Member since:
Summer 2007

Reason for joining SFS:
"To find ways to change the community around me so we can all work towards a sustainable future"


Name: Klair Phillipoff

Year of Study: 1st   

Program: Bachelor of Science (Major biology & Minor chemsitry)  

SFS Position: Vice President

Member since: Fall 2008                 

Reason for joining SFS: "To be involved in a group that has similar interests and cares about making a difference, as well as volunteering for a cause which is relevant to my field of study."

Name: Anita Brar

Year of Study: First

Program: Bachelor of Science

SFS Position: Co-vice president

Member since: 2009

Reason for joining SFS: It's amazing to learn about how the Earth has
changed because of the impact that humans have had on it over the centuries. It's even more amazing to see how people are forming this united front against climate change all around the world. I joined this club because it
presents an opportunity to learn about how to be more sustainable and to help and teach others to be more sustainable as well.

Name: Trevor Campbell

Year of Study:

BSc Geography, focus on Biogeography

SFS Position:

Member Since:
Summer 2008

Reason for joining SFS:
To help forge new paths towards equitable, sustainable, and just communities and institutions.

Name: Janna Dirkson

Year of Study: 4th

BA in Geography with a focus in Environmental Studies

SFS Position: Member

Member since: 2007

Reason for joining SFS: "I am passionate about caring for the
environment and changing the way people think of and relate to it."